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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Cover story

As intimated in my previous post, I started doing some cover art for Red Mercury. Apparently this is not something a first-time writer is supposed to do. It's supposedly as big a sign of a dodgy novel as drawing a really detailed map of your fantasy world*. So sue me.

I've done two cover images. I've posted them on my Flickr account and get folks to choose which version they think should be the cover. Alternatively, if anyone wants to comment here, feel free.

I like both images. I think I prefer the Lenin image to look at, it's something I might want on my wall at home. But I figure the other image is more visually striking and probably gives a better idea of what's actually in the book. I'll be interested to see what people think.

*I haven't drawn any maps of my fantasy world, because it's not a fantasy. It's set in late-19th / early-20th century Europe. I figure there are plenty of maps of that already. If it had been a fantasy world, rest assured I would have drawn a map.

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